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Payroll Services, Akron Canton - Forms and FAQs
Forms & FAQ’s


Forms and FAQ's you may need or want to know:

Here at Certified Payroll Services Inc. we receive many questions regarding payroll and our personal scope of processing payroll.
Below are just a few Q&A's of items we are asked on a more frequent basis.
Q) Do we service clients in other states?
A) Yes
Q) Do we offer direct deposit services?
A) Yes
Q) Do we offer an alternative to employees with no bank account?
A) Yes.  We offer a product called Rapid Pay Card
Q) How long does it take to transfer/set up a payroll with Certified Payroll Services Inc?
A) It depends on the quantity of data, but usually it only takes 4-8 business days.
Q) Are there any extra charges for year end W-2 preparation?
A) None at all.  Our pricing includes this service.
Q) Do we offer a Time and Attendance Solution?
A) Yes we do. It is called TimeWorks Plus.
Q) Can my employees receive remote access to their paystubs?
A) Yes
Q) Are we able to track PTO (vacation,sick,personal) time?
A) Yes
Q) How many levels of service do you offer?
A) We offer 3 levels, basic (Standard Pay) preferred (Premier Pay) and full electronic (Web Pay)
Q) I do my payroll on my own computer.  Isn't that better than having a payroll service?
A) Many of our clients have found that we can handle their payroll needs far less expensively than
they can do it themselves, especially when you consider the cost of buying checks, employing knowledgeable
payroll staff, and obtaining annual software updates needed to keep current on changing tax laws and rates.
Q) Is your company bonded and insured?
A) Yes
Q How long has your company been in business?
A) Since 1990

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